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Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Research Areas


NAOs on the field © Robotics Team​/​TU Dortmund
NAOs on the field

Robots are increasingly not only being used in industrial environments, but are also finding their way into modern everyday life. Here, robots have to make independent decisions in dynamic environments in order to interact with their environment. Competitions such as the RoboCup, in which the Institute for Robot Research participates in the Standard Platform League for bipedal robots and has won great success and several titles, are considered a showcase of autonomous robotics. Robot soccer does not serve as an end in itself. The algorithms and methods developed in the process can be applied to current problems in autonomous robotics.

Resource Management

Computer cluster © Peter Resch​/​TU Dortmund
Computer cluster

The Institute for Robotics Research develops methods for the management of services and resources in various fields. In addition to basic research, the focus is on the development of solutions for real and current problems in the areas of production planning, management of high-performance computers and highly distributed computing (grid computing).

Processor Architectures

Motherboard, Courtesy of Wikimedia © James Mathew​/​Creative Commons
Motherboard, Courtesy of Wikimedia

We deal with processor architectures as well as tools for the automation of processor development and modeling. Among other things, we focus on cross-abstraction modeling and the automatic generation of decoding modules.